Bella Girl
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Bella Girl is an 8-10 week course for girls in grades 4-12, teaching them about their value, beauty & purpose. Sessions include, “The Value of a Girl”, “Healthy Thinking”, “Friendships”, “The Power of Music” and much, much more.

Bella Girl is about re-educating the girls of our city about the truth of how valuable they really are. Their value does not come from a boyfriend, how much money they have or whether or not they have the latest clothes. We want every girl to know that she is valuable because she is a unique and precious human being.

Want to run the Bella Girl Program in your school?

The cost is just $50 for either the Bella Girl Junior or Bella Girl programs or $90 for both. This includes the teachers manual and usb with power points & clips for each session. To purchase the course simply click here or for more information email

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