Grace Homestead
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Christine Eckert

The Grace Homestead Recovery Centre is a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation and domestic violence support program for mothers with children in their care. Domestic and Family Violence, and addiction are the primary causes of family breakdown and children entering foster care. The Grace Homestead program reconnects mothers with their children preserving the integrity of their family while she receives treatment for trauma caused by violence, sexual assault and addiction. Treatment is designed to keep mothers and children safe and together, to restore her dignity, learn strategies that break intergenerational abuse and shame and create a new direction for her family and, to have hope…


  • Females aged 18 and above who have one or two children (under 10 years old) in their primary care, OR who is pregnant and is expecting the child to be in their primary care.
  • Motivated to complete the program.
  • Ability to pay fees either self-funded or via Centrelink payment.


The process for admission will begin with a phone interview in the first instance, followed by a face to face meeting.


New residents must have completed an inpatient detoxification program prior to entry, or a medically assisted detoxification via a GP.  A drug urinalysis will be organised on the day of entry.


  • Financial support
  • Volunteers – Clinicians, AOD & DFV support workers
  • Fuel vouchers
  • Fundraising support
  • Prayer support




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