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Support for Sex-Workers Toowoomba

We believe that Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10), and to destroy the devil’s work (1 John 3:8). We believe that Jesus loves us even at our darkest (Romans 5:8) and that relationship with Him is the only true destroyer of shame (Romans 10:11).

At Rahab Ministries, we seek to show women in the sex industry the love of Jesus by meeting them exactly where they are at- in brothels, strip clubs, homes, and streets- and offer them love, faith, and friendship.

We aim to bridge the seemingly massive gap between where they are currently at, and being a part of Christ’s Body, the Church.

What is Rahab?

Rahab is a non-denominational Christian Ministry with volunteers who have a heart for those in the sex industry, and are dedicated to showing them the love of Jesus.

We offer friendship and love by:
1. Going on outreach regularly to the local strip club, brothels, and engaging with escorts.
2. We offer food and gifts as a way of building rapport and relationship
3. Meeting them for coffee
4. Offering Pastoral Care
5. Helping them transition out of the industry
6. Giving out Bibles and providing Bible Studies

Rahab aims to help restore, inspire, and assist those who feel trapped in the sex industry (emotionally, physically, financially, or spiritually) to discover their God-given identity and find fulfilment through God.

How Can You Assist Us?

1. Prayer
2. Finances to help fund the food, fund the gifts, and to help fund the transitions out of the industry
3. Volunteer to be a part of the pastoral care team
4. Become a member of Rahab to be on the outreach team
5. Invite us to speak to your church, organisation, or group to spread the word

If You Want Some Help

If you are in the sex industry and are feeling like you need someone to talk to, it’s no accident that you have found this page. Rahab is a place where you can find acceptance and friendship to help guide you to a more hope-filled future.

We would love to take you out for coffee, listen to you, and find out how we can help. We would love to hang out with you!

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