Safe Haven Community
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Safe Haven Community provides earlier intervention pathways, allowing people to escape abusive relationships before they escalate to physical violence.


We offer fully supported, community-based temporary accommodation for women at risk of domestic abuse. Our Accommodation Providers offer a nurturing and supportive environment, free from fear, and physical, financial, emotional, verbal, sexual or spiritual abuse. Guests can stay anywhere from three days to three months depending on their needs and the Accommodation Providers preferences. Together we help to empower our Guests to live independently and move on in their lives.


We maintain a secure on-line database of private Safe Haven Community homes Australia-wide. Accommodation Providers profiles contain their preferences and availability. Guests call Safe Haven Community direct or via an approved Referral Agency to request a safe place to stay. Our Service Delivery team conducts an in-depth risk and needs assessment with the Guest to determine suitability for a community placement.

‚ÄčIf appropriate, Guests will be then matched with an available Accommodation provider. We then create and distribute the Accommodation Agreements and house rules. Once we are all agreed then we can commence the placement and support the Guest and Accommodation provider for the duration of the stay. Case Managers are on hand for the duration of the stay to make sure everyone is safe and happy and that the relationship is working well for everyone.

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