2020 Vision

2020 Vision

What City Women is Fighting For:

By 2020 we wanted to see in Toowoomba…

  • A significant decrease in sexualised advertising.
  • An increase of images and media that promote the value & worth of women.
  • A decrease in the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of females.
  • An increase in the value & worth of a human life.
  • A decrease in depression, suicide & eating disorders in females.
  • An increase in healthy attitudes and actions to one’s body.
  • A decrease in women dependant on drugs or life controlling issues.
  • An increase in women living with purpose, free from damaging outside sources.
  • A decrease in foster children.
  • An increase in families taking foster kids in.
  • A decrease in the number of women having abortions.
  • An increase in the awareness that life begins in the womb.
  • A decrease in absent ‘dads’.
  • An increased awareness of the importance of the role of a ‘dad’.
  • A decrease in lack of purpose and direction for one’s life.
  • An increase in understanding your giftings, passions and role in the community.

So how did we go?

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