Catie Brennan

Our Mission

We are committed to…

LOVELoving refugees extravagantly through generous hospitality & kindness, without any agenda or bias.

LISTENListening to refugees with empathy, placing supreme value on their personal experiences and story.

LEARNLearning about and from refugees with an open heart and mind, knowing they have just as much to teach us.

EDUCATEEducating refugees through psycho-social programs that promote mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

EQUIPEquipping refugees towards independent living through skills training, vocational workshops and job creation.

EMPOWEREmpowering refugees to become purpose-filled leaders that influence their own community and beyond.

Toowoomba Team

Led by Catie Brennan, the Toowoomba team delivers exceptional programs, events, and services that are vital to providing psychosocial support to newly settled refugee families. They are the heart of youBelong — welcoming refugees and providing community integration.

Just weeks after arriving in Australia, this grateful Yezidi father from Iraq stands proudly with his children outside his new home in Toowoomba, QLD.


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